Bastien approached me to revamp his artistic direction through a new 3D avatar, encompassing profile pictures, banners, and videos that reflect his unique universe.

Who is Basti ?

Basti, also known as BastiUI, is a streamer, YouTuber, and interface designer (UX/UI) with a distinctive style.

01 ─ Inspiration

Inspired by isometric character design, I drew influence from Blansable's work for Justin Buisson and 3D Microsoft emojis.

02 Sketches

The sketching phase involved several iterations to create a 3D character that resonates well.

I conceptualized various waiting animations incorporating references to Basti's universe, though not all were selected.

03 ─ Modeling Evolution

Navigating through the modeling evolution, I learned to create 3D characters, progressing from a minimalist v1 to a v2 that closely resembled the final result. Refinements focused on perfecting hair loops, rounding the face, and achieving a more lively front strand.

04 ─ Texturing

The texturing process involved adapting a reference style with a unique "clay-like" shader and adding patterns for depth.

For Basti, I made a wave pattern for texture in the hair and created other reflective patterns representing different transformations.

05 ─  Rig

Multiple skeletons allow the animation of eyes, mustache, and the front strand of hair.

06 ─ Props

Every prop was meticulously modeled and textured for a bespoke touch.

07 ─ Post Production

In post-production, video exports were in EXR 32-bit, and color corrections were done using DaVinci Resolve.


The final output includes 4 profile pictures and 3 banners tailored for various YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch channels.​​​​​​​

Additionally, there are 9 seamlessly looping waiting screens, showcasing the comprehensive transformation of Basti's 3D avatar.​​​​​​​


Basti's Youtube and is Twitch channel,
Projet by Quentin Jeanningros, me :)
Sound design by Lunath

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